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Go Dig!

Follow your heart, and the sound of the beep, to unearth relics of long ago lives and relive the history through each hidden treasure. But to successfully find the treasure you search for, you need a high-quality metal detector sold by a reputable dealer. Cold Harbor Metal Detectors and Civil War Shop in Mechanicsville, VA, is an extremely knowledgeable and well-versed expert on all the brand name metal detectors.

We sell many brands of metal detectors especially designed for relic and treasure hunting. When you buy from us, we’ll guide you through the selection process, ensuring you select the right machine to match your needs. We will set your machine up and show you the basics of operating it and answer your questions. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

About Us

My name is Jerry Simmons and I grew up in Virginia and live in the area of Cold Harbor, Virginia. My relic hunting experience started in 1968 when my dad began metal detecting for civil war relics and soon after I became his designated relic digger at the age of 8. Everyone in my family from uncles, brothers to cousins picked up the hobby and it continues to this day. We live for the hunt! It grew into a passion for civil war history and respect for the men and women who gave all for their beliefs.

Here at Cold Harbor Metal Detectors and Civil War Shop, I strive to give you the best service and years of experience to make your metal detecting experience successful. Visit us at

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